Rubber & Gasket Division:
Kent Rubber produces Custom Rubber Seals & Gaskets with high precision cost efficient production of all types of rubber,sponge, foam, teflon, non-asbestos, and urethane.
Many of our production seals and gaskets are cut on our die cutting presses or our new automated FLASH CUT machine which will cut with maximum precision for standard or intricate designs whether you need 2 or 2,000 pcs with no tooling needed.
Custom Molded Rubber
Kent Rubber has been committed to meeting our customers' custom molded rubber over 60 years for a wide range of parts including bumpers, hoses, seals, o-rings, grommets, and extrusions.


Kent Rubber offer's many forms and levels of PPAP's. From standard dimensional warrant to level 4 PPAP, we offer multiple testing certifications to confirm performance of the product.

Extruded and Molded Rubber

From widespread sources for rubber or sponge extrusions and molded parts per drawings, we offer a variety of materials, sizes, and shapes for all applications.

Hydrostatic Hose Testing Capabilities

Electronic Proof and Burst Test Capabilities up to 1500 Bar (21,500 PSI).

Material Testing and Selection

Industrial Hose and Production Crimper

Hose crimping capabilities up 6” industrial, including 6” 150lb flange. It also allows for various high production capabilities.

Material Testing and Selection

Testing of multiple style's of material and diagnosis available. We offer a variety for sheet materials for gaskets and other rubber applications for today's specific demands.   In stock,  order from neoprene, FDA nitrile, Hi-temp silicone, gum rubber and other materials including sponge.

Automated Cutting Technology

The Marken 450 cuts hose, wire, and cable.

  • Rate of feed up to 180 FPM
  • Up to 200 cuts per hour
  • Accuracy .1 to .3 percent of length
  • CPK 1.67 to 6 or more


After helping you design your part and select the correct material, we can use our dieless Flash cut machine to produce prototype for your approval before production.

Die Cutting

We can process form your drawing concept to completed product gaskets on several Die Cutting presses, and in the available material of your choice.

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Call: 800-878-5368

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Let us help up create your part with our CAD design assistance, material selection, and quick inexpensive prototype sample options.

Molded Parts and Gaskets

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Molded Hoses